We have just come back from a quick visit to Morocco and were lucky enough to be able to stay in Dar Ka in the seaside medina of Assilah.

And believe me there is nothing finer than coming home to such a beautiful space after a busy day in the markets and souks. The word « oasis » is thrown around a lot when describing places in Morocco but there is a reason for that, and Dar Ka certainly is a calm, contemporary oasis full of traditional details that place it clearly in context.

So, before the grey skies and dripping rain envelop me completely I thought I would share some of the little details from my Instagram page that I think make Dar Ka so special . . .

Pauline, Londres (Grande-Bretagne) – octobre 2016

Casa perfecta para visitar Assilah. Perfecta atención. 100% Recomemdable con Wifi PERFECTO !

David, Séville (Espagne) – août 2016