We are Christian and Honoré. We are very passionate about travel, culture and very curious about other people.


After having criss-crossed Morocco, through its deserts, its coasts, its imperial cities, we arrived in Tangier 12 years ago. We were very quickly enchanted by the northern light so characteristic of Tangier, by its topography, its view of Spain and its unique location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Tangier, this city so close, which at the same time represents the elsewhere, has gradually won our hearts. Tangier has become a familiar city, a refuge, a second homeland in which we have anchored and taken up residence.


Villa Mondrian is for us a view over Spain, the ballet of boats and a panorama of the Moroccan coasts. This house is also a haven of peace located on the heights of the Marshan Plateau, near the Royal Palace and Tangier’s oldest cemetery. We have designed this house by preserving the architecture of traditional houses combined with a very diverse contemporary decoration, in which many works by local and sub-Saharan artists converge. This house is dear to us and we are happy to share it with you.